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Ready-to-use, organ specific hydrogel for 3D cell culture research

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Regenix is an organ specific hydrogel that can be used for 3D cell culture, including organoids and spheroids.

Regenix is created using the specific ECM proteins found in each organ, and these organ-specific ECM proteins help provide a suitable microenvironment for cultured cells, aiding in cell maturation and overall function improvement.

For example, in the case of liver cells, they can be cultured within Regenix Liver, which mimics the unique microenvironment of liver tissue.

The Key Features of Regenix are as follows:
  • ˙Organ-specific product line-up
  • ˙Provides a Biomimetic Microenvironment
  • ˙Stable supply availability
  • ˙Customizable
Packaging Units 1 mL x 5 / 10 mL x 1
Application 3D cell culture, organoid culture
Source Porcine-derived materials
Additives Phenol red
Expiration Date One year from the date of manufacture
Storage Store at -20 °C ~ -80 °C
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