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Company Profile
Innovation in Regenerative Medicine
Organoid & Biomaterials

Cellartgen aims to achieve personalized regenerative medicine through the fusion of organoid and biomaterial technologies.

What We Do

Biomedical science and technology are developing rapidly, but many people are still suffering from intractable and rare diseases.
Cellartgen aims to develop treatments for these rare and intractable disease through utilizing state-of-the-art biotechnologies that combine both the use of organoids and biomaterials, and further develop regenerative medicines for damaged organs to give many people a chance to live a full life.

Core Values

All Cellartgen members are grounded in values based on mutual respect and cooperation with each other.

  • 09Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 'Material Component Technology Development' Contract Project Award
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare 'Smart Clinical Trial New Technology Development Research' Contract Project Award
  • 08Launch of Organoid Culturing Matrix, Regenix™
  • 07Joint Research and Development Agreement with Neornat for Liver Cancer Targeted Gene Therapy
  • 05MOU Signed with MepsGen for Development of Bioprinted Organ-On-A-Chip
  • 03Cellartgen, TnRBiofab and EGC Therapeutics Enter Tripartite Business Agreement
  • 02Initiation of Organoid Drug Evaluation Services
  • Joint Research and Development Agreement with ToolGen
  • 10Research Services Agreement entered with WuXi AppTec
  • 05Awarded 'Industrial Technology Alchemist Project’ by the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 04Selected for 'Start-up Growth Technology Development Project’ by the Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups
  • 03Patent Granted for Core Technology 'Organoid Culturing Material'
  • 01Selected as Tech Valley company by KOTEC (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
  • 12Expansion of Cellartgen's 'Organoid Research Institute'
  • Research Services Agreement entered with Yonsei University Medical Centre
  • Joint Research Agreement with GC Biopharma
  • 09Attracted Investment for TIPS from Seoul National University and Yonsei University Technology Holdings
  • 03Patent Granted for the Core Technology, 'Biomimetic Tissue Adhesive Material'
  • 11Joint Research Agreement with Yonsei University
  • 09Establishment of Cellartgen's 'Biomaterial Research Institute'
  • 03Establishment of Cellartgen